Hey lovelies,

You all know I am about being happy and productive but truth to be said, sometimes I wake up feeling really shitty. Sometimes I wake up and I am already even drained before I start my day and that usually has a snowball effect. On those days, I am not the person to be around … I am really bitchy, I will complain about everyone and everything and I often end up feeling really nasty so I end up eating lots of junk and giving the world the finger. I am not proud of that side of me!!
I started following some healthy habits because I was having more good days than bad days and they really helped. So here they are;

1.Start your day with a prayer

I found that when I started my day talking to my day one, I was more centred and focused throughout the day. Usually it’s a quick prayer and it goes like this “ Thank you for waking me up, I know that many people haven’t, please give me your guidance and let me be a blessing to everyone I meet.”

2.Stretch for a minute or two once you wake up

Doing this just encourages blood flow since you’ve been stationery for a number of hours. It feels good!!

3.Give yourself self-love affirmations

I started doing this a year ago when I was going through some hard times and I cannot even emphasize how much it helped me. Self-love affirmations helped me to calm my stress and anxiety by reminding myself that all the negative things I thought I was, were just thoughts. This is how my self-love affirmation goes; I am beautiful, I am smart, I am worthy of love, I am enough and I deserve the very best. I add a couple of other things depending on what I am going through and how I am feeling. I also say it smiling…for some reason, smiling just brightens my day even if I do not do the affirmations. I do not know much about the brain and I cannot even begin to explain what exactly happens when you speak happiness and success into your life but it works. Try it and thank me later!! 

4.Have a healthy breakfast

If I said that I do this daily, I would be the biggest liar and my family would call me out on the comment section lol hahah I have a really unhealthy eating behaviour but every single time I have a healthy breakfast, I am more upbeat and I am more likely to eat healthy throughout the day. For instance, this morning I had oats and bananas and I realized I did not really snack a lot. I am working on being consistent with eating breakfast so should you !!

5.Wake up earlier so you do not have to rush

Coming from the queen of lateness… I am always late and it stresses me because I hate running late. It seems like something that would be so easy but I struggle lovelies… I really do. The days that I manage not to put my alarm on snooze, I am always productive and well planned. I love being early but I am constantly late. It is a good habit and we all need to get with it!!

6.Compliment yourself

I love complimenting myself  sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are all that and a bag of rice. Lots of people will hate on who you are and if you are absorbing all the negative and no positives…you end up poisoning your soul. Feel good about yourself and it all starts with appreciating little things about you.

7.Check your diary or day planner and put alarm reminders of important things you need to do during the day

This just helps you organize your day mentally so that you work smart not hard. I have been doing this since the first day I worked. I was fourteen and a McDonald’s employee . I had a mini diary where I would write all my shifts, what I needed to do before and after work, if I needed to pick up something from the shops or ask my friend something. I am a big day planner even though sometimes I look puzzled lol

8.Listen to music that pumps you up while you get ready

You know that feeling you have when you are getting ready to go clubbing and you put clubbing music on…?? You are hyped up, ready to get down low!! That’s what you should do in the morning, get some nice morning music and get down low with the day!! Music has a weird way of enhancing your emotions.

9.If you have a partner, perform and act of love

You dirty minded people… I did not mean that but if that’s your kind of thing…who am I to judge?? I meant, write a note for them to find, send them a good morning message if you do not live with them, make them some coffee, kiss them good morning and tell them how cute they look with their morning hair…… e.t.c If you do not have a partner…. Ummm I am not sure what you should do for this point lol I used to pray for my future partner…well, I still do!!

10.When you walk out of the door, stop and take it all in there is lots of beauty around you!!

Hope all my pointers helped you have an awesome day. If you enjoyed this, you should also check out how to find your purpose.

Much love till next time,

Yours truly
Asali xx